How to import Real Neymar Face in Dream league Soccer 2018

Neymarn Original Face Dream Legaue Soccer 2018

If you want to import Neymar Real Face in Dream League Soccer 2018, you need to just follow these steps.

1.Open Dream League Soccer game Buy Neymar and exit game.Open data folder. Files and find Neymar headshot like down screenshot.

3.Copy the headshot name and delete this headshot file.
4.Now Download Neymar stock png form here.

Download Via Google Drive

5.Now Move stock png to data folder and paste neymar headshot name into this file.

6.Now open Dream League Soccer 2018 Game and you will get Neymar original face into your game and enjoy.

Note:Please Do all steps correctly, if there any confusion comment down bellow. it’s my duty to help you all.
Wish you success 🙂

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