What is CRM?

CRM is a business software concept that helps to provide all customer interactions in one location and is open to everyone in the organization.

Which Technology is CRM?

In-depth, it is a system or application in which all the communications that any of the company has with a client, whether it’s emails, calls, or meetings, are automatically stored in that client’s register. This card is open to everyone and on top of that, internal notes and/or tasks with a date to be completed, allocated to you or another friend, are put on these interactions, thus significantly increasing efficiency.
Those emails, calls, meetings (notes and activities) are the conversations that arise in the day-to-day relationship with customers, so the meaning of CRM is customer relationship management.
So yeah, now you know what a CRM is 🙂
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In what’s a CRM?
A CRM serves mostly 3 things:
External contact is enhanced and thanks to being able to delegate tasks to you or all of your business there is nothing left to do, you can see what is pending to do to a client in a single click.
People are more efficient as they avoid a host of emails, meetings, and calls asking or submitting customer details to other colleagues.
The ads sell better as they keep track of all their future sales in a customized way, and they can bring better sales at the same time.
According to Mckinsey: 65% of the time at work is devoted to e-mails, calls, and meetings, so we’ve only got our efficiency left 35 percent for time.

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According to Adecco: Increasing this 35% productivity period is not about eliminating distractors, but about placing productivity resources in place.   The first solution is Excel but it quickly becomes unmanageable because it is not designed for that purpose.   The main solution is a CRM.   What is CRM and for what?   CRM is important to improve a company’s revenue and productivit