DLS 23 Release Date | Dream League Soccer 2023 Release Date

DLS 23 Release Date
DLS 23 Release Date

Dream League Soccer 2023 DLS 23 Release Date & Trailer News: Hello Everyone, in this article today I am going to share the latest news about the Dream League Soccer 2023 DLS 23 Release Date and other info about what we are going to get in the new Dream League Soccer 2023 game.

Dream League Soccer 2023
Dream League Soccer 2023

Dream League Soccer 2023 Features

  • Added New Club: Previously we saw that many clubs are not available on Dream League Soccer, So we expect that as many clubs as possible will be added to the brand new Dream League Soccer 2023 like the Bundesliga, American MLS & so on.
  • Sell Player & Get Coins: In This Previous edition we saw that when we sell a player we only get coaches, Now in DLS 23 it will be removed & you will get coins by selling a player.
  • Hand Ball: As we saw no handball in any previous DLS game, So in this DLS 23 new edition handball option will Be Added. As we know handball in the penalty box area is punishable & refers to as a penalty kick.
  • Easily Play with Friends: In the latest DLS 23 Game all previous restrictions & bugs will be fixed & you can easily play with friends using the same wifi & Bluetooth.
  • More Updated Commentary: We are listening to almost the same commentary by Garry Bloom since dls started. So we can expect more updated commentary Like Martin Tyler, Andy Gary, Peter Drury & many more, Also e are expecting Spanish, Arabic, & Portugues Commentary because millions of people from these destinations want this language commentary.
  • Champions League Mode: In this DLS 23 we are expecting the world-famous Uefa champions League Mode so that we can play games with the world’s biggest team.
  • Increase Players Ratings: Yes we will see noticeable player rating fluctuation in the upcoming DLS 23 update.
  • Updated Graphics: The Graphics Of The Current DLS game is Much Better than before, So We can easily expect that The upcoming DLS 23 graphics will be much better than the current DLS game.
  • New Player Face: Current DLS game players’ faces are not fully accurate, hope FTG will try to Improve the player’s face as well it is the much-requested thing.
  • International Match: Everyone is excited about Fifa World Cup 2022, so we desperately want a world Cup mode so that we can play with the country vs country match in DLS 23.
  • Good Referee: In the past & present DLS games we experienced bad referee decisions, so we hope that we will get a better referee in DLS 23.
  • More Coins in Winning Match: When we win a match in the DLS game we got a small number of coins, Hope it will be increased To 1K Coins Per win & 500 Coins For a Lost Match.
  • More Clean & Lag-Free Online Match: We are experiencing a very very bad user experience in DLS online mode, with so many lag & Network issues. We Are Requesting FTG To change their online server to a new game engine like other big online gaming Platforms so that we can play online matches easily without any bad user experience.
  • Chatting Mode in The Live Match: Yes This is also the much-requested thing, live chatting option will be added in DLS 23.
  • New Soundtrack: It’s 100% confirmed that new amazing soundtracks will be added.
  • New Stadium Decoration: There is no stadium decoration in the current DLS game, in the upcoming DLS 23 game these features will be added.

Dream League Soccer 2023 Amazing Features:

  • Seasonal Fresh Content: In new DLS 23 Select seasonally refreshed real players officially licensed from FIFPRO™, Visit different cities and destinations each season! Unique statistics and attributes are assigned to each player based on true abilities and traits. Master team selection choices. Maximize your budget and intra-season transfers. Fine-tune with strategic boosts and team harmony! Choose your formation and key roles. Then play!
  • Realistic, High Energy 3D Gameplay: Kick off an action-packed, adrenaline-filled 2-minute real match. Choose players to make runs off the ball, craft beautiful passes, and hit spectacular goals through simple finger-swiping controls, backed by sophisticated AI and detailed animations. Anticipate your defender movement and master tackle timing. Keep cool in penalties and shootouts. Every match must have a winner!
  • Celebrate Success: Soar up through the ranks as you win. Achieve personal milestones, collect and celebrate your well-deserved rewards and trophies and show them off on personal and global leaderboards for everyone to see!
  • Collect & Customise: Give your team a real personality with your very own mascot. From Chase the Cheetah to Trunky the Elephant! Collect exquisitely designed kits and unique crests. Dress to impress! Share reactions through fun emojis.

DLS 23 Release Date:

So the question is when DLS 23 will release? The answer is: DLS 23 got released on 1st December 2022 by First Touch Games LTD. It was released on the Google Play store & Apple App Store. Many New Features are added to the new DLS 23 Game, Download DLS 23 Game & Enjoy. 

Stay with us we will keep you updated about DLS 23 tips & tricks.

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  1. Ftg should add player rating in the match out of 10. We should see how my players are serving the team. They should improve the gameplay. Should be more realistic at the time of defending. Sometimes player dont tuch a ball which is near of his leg. Opponent comes from long and take the ball. This should be improved


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